Thursday, July 28, 2016

HGIBO 1/144 Graze Ein - Gunpla Review

HGIBO 1/144 Graze Ein - Gunpla Review
Release Date: April 2016
Price: RM54 (
Link to buy:

Hello Gunpla Fans, Today I'm going to do a review on the 1/144 scaled Graze Ein from the anime Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans. Straight out of the box you will receive a total of 7 Runners, 1 Set of Polycaps, 1 Sheet sticker and an Instruction Manual. Building this kit is quite straight forward and a rather simple build, nothing that will intimidate a beginner. 

Putting everything on would be something like this.
this is what the kit would look like before putting it together.
First impression on this kit was fantastic, the color, the proportion and the size it's pretty much anime accurate. Taking pic from the bottom angle make this kit looks damn menacing all over. The articulation for this kit though, 
Well he is doing not bad, arms articulation is great, there is even 2 different joints on the lower arm which can make the wrist go upwards and downwards. The Waist can turn 360 degree no problem as there is nothing hindering the waist. The legs.. can do a slight split not much as most of the IBO kits, Sadly he can't do the gundam squat..

For accessories, We are given..
2 different pair of hands, Holding hands and Close palm hands.
2 Large Axe.
2 Drill leg.
And lastly 2 side guns? well whatever it's called xD.

There is a few gimmick for this kit, I will begin with the backpack, It is shown in the manual that the 2 Large Axe are stored behind them.
And you can actually bring the backpack up to let it hold the weapons in hand.
Cool huh?

And now for the next gimmick, the hands nail hammer or something like that,

And the next would be the shoulder guns. You just have to open up the shoulder and put in the gun.
I would be so much happier if the guns can be store inside the shoulder instead of snapping it on the shoulder. I mean seriously, Bandai can make Gusion Rebake's hand inside the backpack but they can''t make a gun that sticks out from the shoulder? like really?
Owh BTW, did I tell you his head can transform?
Like most graze, his head can open up to show the inner camera thingy. but his version is so much more dope, from antenna to a freaking horns~! gives a devilish menacing looks all over.

And lastly the drill legs,
I talk too much, I ask for too much but damn I wish I can see that drill leg spin xD.

Now finally posing this gunpla,
Though I didn't do any poses with an action base, but look at how he grab Ryuseigo in the head, it's a total win! He can actually grab him!

That's pretty much it for today's review, note this review is based on my own personal preference.

Friday, July 22, 2016

HGIBO 1/144 Gundam Astaroth - Gunpla Review

HGIBO 1/144 Gundam Astaroth - REVIEW
Release Date: May 2016
Price: RM39 (
Link to buy:

Hello Gunpla Fans, Today I'm going to do a review on the 1/144 scaled HGIBO Gundam Astaroth, Straight out of the box you will receive an Instruction Manual, 6 Runners, 1 Polycap and a foil sticker sheet. A very simple build, would be a perfect kit for beginner.
Just like most Gundam Frame Type in Iron Blooded Orphans, a simple HG does have an inner frame hidden within their armor.
The kit was supposed to be gray-ish black, I've used some golden Tamiya Marker to touch up some parts. Without the armor the ankle is not supported, slight movement the leg would pop off. So for the articulation review, I would put on the armor on the bottom leg section to support the ankle.
As you can see, the articulation of this kit is fantastic, full split with no problem whatsoever. That Gundam Squat with no problem. Astaroth can even do the kung fu front kick with no issue as well~
Great articulation so far. So now we are gonna put on all the armor on and we will see how it's like with the armor on.
The detail of this kit, wow! up the chart, if you are a straight builder you would be damn proud of this kit, the details are great, the colors, the design is fantastic. Though everything is great, it's kinda sad the blue shoulder section is hollow. And now for the articulation, is this kit as good as it was before putting on the armor?
Well without the armor was perfect, with the armor is great. The split department have no problem whatsoever but the squat department suffers a little due to the front skirt. Now can it do the kung fu kick like it did without the armor?
Well you will get a kick around slightly over 90 degree but not the 170 degree kick without the front skirt. 

Accessories, Astaroth is given a 3 fingered extended hand (idk what it's called), a rifle, an army knife and the ALL MIGHTY DEMOLITION SWORD!
Well that's the really only thing that make the whole mobile suit stand out (the demolition sword).

Fully equipped and you will get something like this.

The thing i was expecting on the 3 fingered hand was it was just for show, but it can actually move so.... quite interesting.
So there is actually some articulation on the finger. looks like some yu-gi-oh dueling hands though xD.
well not really lololol.

Now for the Demolition sword, it also has got a few gimmicks.
Open up from Cloud's Buster sword to Sephiroth's Masamune. Well I'm Serious.
Buster Sword to....

Well as good as it looks, the model kit can't withstand the weight of the weapon and 2 hands needed to pose for some particular pose. But if you want the stand up straight with the weapon in hand...
No issue really haha. Strong and steady I can say.
Here is some picture of Astaroth posing with it's gun and knife.
Astaroth pulls off most poses nicely, the only complaint I have for this kit is the 3 fingered hand thing.. it fell off rather easily and the hollow part on the shallow, but other than that, I've got no complains whatsoever.
That is all for Gundam Astaroth - Review is based on my personal preference.