Thursday, May 26, 2016

Customizing Gunpla: 1/100 Scaled Gusion/Gusion Rebake

If you bought the 1/100 scaled Gusion/Gusion Rebake, you would realize that they gave you 2 sets of armor but only 1 set of inner frame and you would want to buy 2 Boxes so that you can have 2 frames. At the end of the day, you are left with 2 sets of armor unused, what to do with this armor?

Tips is build all the weapons! and you would have:
Extra Sets of weapon!
all of this equipment is usable with all 1/100 Scaled  Iron Blooded Orphans Model kits.
I'm gonna show you an example what to do with this bunch of kits with my Barbatos 6th Form.
First of all:
Take off Barbatos Backpack.
Equip Gusion Rebake's Backpack and you will have:

As for weapons, you can customize your gundam however you want~!
Barbatos Rebake Fully Reloaded :3

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1/100 Scaled Gusion Rebake:
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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

MG Freedom Gundam 1.0 Vs 2.0 - Comparison

Comparison between Freedom 1.0 VS Freedom 2.0

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

SD Ex-Standard Destiny Gundam - ready to purchase

SD Ex-Standard Destiny Gundam
Product name:SD Ex-Standard Destiny Gundam
product code:SDEX07854
Release Date:May., 2016
Price:Market Price: MYR 35.90 / Our Price: MYR 23.40
More photos:
SD Ex-Standard Destiny GundamSD Ex-Standard Destiny GundamSD Ex-Standard Destiny GundamSD Ex-Standard Destiny Gundam

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Iron Blooded Orphans 1/100 Gundam Kimaris - Review


(Release Date: Mar 2016 Price: RM117)

What's up everybody, today I'm gonna do a review on the model kit from Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans, 1/100 scaled Gundam Kimaris, one of the 72 frames type Gundam. Straight out of the box the instructions says to build Kimaris Inner Frame. The inner frame for this kit is somewhat similar to the Barbatos. The differences of the inner frame compare to barbatos is on the head section, waist section and the foot section. The rest is more or less the same. Owh the chest section has got a few new connection for Kimaris's armor part.
No matter how many times I see, the frame for Iron Blooded Series is so detailed. I mean it is a totally a step up for the NG gunpla. It's so close to be a MG if they layoff those stickers.
The face of Kimaris somewhat reminds me of Mr.Potato + Susanoo. Haha.

Inner frame's articulation for Kimaris is too good? I mean I can bend the joints almost anywhere I want.
Look at that split! No problem what so ever.
Yep. It has got bloody good articulation due to no restriction to the armor parts.
After assembling all the armor parts you would get something like this.
Tadaa Armor Parts for Gundam Kimaris. 
And thus Kimaris Completed.

Although the Gundam Kimaris bulked up a lot after putting on the armor, it's articulation is still somewhat very good
Though due to the armor, the Kimaris knee bent is slightly more restricted. Can't do the famous gundam squad ><.
But overall still good articulation.

We got 2 weapon of choice and also 1 huge Kimaris Booster. We the Kimaris Lance, Sword and The booster.
Honestly, The lance is too darn big haha.

Fun Fact,
They give the Kimaris 2 choices, whether the normal Kimaris or the Kimaris Booster.

Well putting on the booster pack... you would need to fiddle around with it so that it can stand up properly but most of the time the result is...
Yep, Falling off the ground. The cool thing is that the back skirt section of this gunpla got a peg to open up the store the sword.

After equiping all the equipments on Kimaris, He stands slightly more easier due to the weight of the lance.

I forgot to mention, there is a gimmick to open up the leg section to show more of Kimaris's Booster.

  • Great Articulation
  • Very well designed inner frame
  • Interesting Gimmicks such as the Leg Booster, Shuriken on the shoulder and weapon holder on the back skirt section
  • Can swap a few armor section with another Iron Blooded Kit
  • Very Detailed Panel Lining
  • Reasonable price as it is cheaper than most MG size gunpla.
  • Armor too heavy, Kimaris can't stand properly with the booster on
  • Armor on the shoulder not very secure.
NOTE: REVIEW is based on personal preference on the gunpla. If you are interested in 1/100 Kimaris Booster, visit for more info about this product.