Friday, July 22, 2016

HGIBO 1/144 Gundam Astaroth - Gunpla Review

HGIBO 1/144 Gundam Astaroth - REVIEW
Release Date: May 2016
Price: RM39 (
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Hello Gunpla Fans, Today I'm going to do a review on the 1/144 scaled HGIBO Gundam Astaroth, Straight out of the box you will receive an Instruction Manual, 6 Runners, 1 Polycap and a foil sticker sheet. A very simple build, would be a perfect kit for beginner.
Just like most Gundam Frame Type in Iron Blooded Orphans, a simple HG does have an inner frame hidden within their armor.
The kit was supposed to be gray-ish black, I've used some golden Tamiya Marker to touch up some parts. Without the armor the ankle is not supported, slight movement the leg would pop off. So for the articulation review, I would put on the armor on the bottom leg section to support the ankle.
As you can see, the articulation of this kit is fantastic, full split with no problem whatsoever. That Gundam Squat with no problem. Astaroth can even do the kung fu front kick with no issue as well~
Great articulation so far. So now we are gonna put on all the armor on and we will see how it's like with the armor on.
The detail of this kit, wow! up the chart, if you are a straight builder you would be damn proud of this kit, the details are great, the colors, the design is fantastic. Though everything is great, it's kinda sad the blue shoulder section is hollow. And now for the articulation, is this kit as good as it was before putting on the armor?
Well without the armor was perfect, with the armor is great. The split department have no problem whatsoever but the squat department suffers a little due to the front skirt. Now can it do the kung fu kick like it did without the armor?
Well you will get a kick around slightly over 90 degree but not the 170 degree kick without the front skirt. 

Accessories, Astaroth is given a 3 fingered extended hand (idk what it's called), a rifle, an army knife and the ALL MIGHTY DEMOLITION SWORD!
Well that's the really only thing that make the whole mobile suit stand out (the demolition sword).

Fully equipped and you will get something like this.

The thing i was expecting on the 3 fingered hand was it was just for show, but it can actually move so.... quite interesting.
So there is actually some articulation on the finger. looks like some yu-gi-oh dueling hands though xD.
well not really lololol.

Now for the Demolition sword, it also has got a few gimmicks.
Open up from Cloud's Buster sword to Sephiroth's Masamune. Well I'm Serious.
Buster Sword to....

Well as good as it looks, the model kit can't withstand the weight of the weapon and 2 hands needed to pose for some particular pose. But if you want the stand up straight with the weapon in hand...
No issue really haha. Strong and steady I can say.
Here is some picture of Astaroth posing with it's gun and knife.
Astaroth pulls off most poses nicely, the only complaint I have for this kit is the 3 fingered hand thing.. it fell off rather easily and the hollow part on the shallow, but other than that, I've got no complains whatsoever.
That is all for Gundam Astaroth - Review is based on my personal preference.

Monday, July 11, 2016

RE/100 Efreet Custom - Review

RE/100 Efreet Custom - Review
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Hello Gundam Fans, Today I'm gonna do a review on the RE/100 Efreet Custom. This kit comes with a total of 11 Runners, 1 Sets of Polycaps, 1 Sticker Foil, 1 Decal Stickers and 1 Instruction manual. I would highly recommend this kit for beginners as it comes with low number of parts count and a very straight forward build.
Straight out of the box with some minor panel lining you would get a stunning and gorgeous looking Re/100 Efreet Custom.
If you ever built a RE/100 kit you would know that it feels like a typical HG kit, resize it to 100 scaled, but the panel line for this kit is incredible, so pack with details.
Dat Sweet Ass Rocket Launcher Though~!

Well when it comes to articulation, errr he kinda sucks. He can do the basic poses but if you are expecting  90 degree bends and a lot of hip rotation, you put too much hope for this kit.
Arms rotation no problem, arm bends close to 90 but not 90 around 80 degree only.
That's as much as the the legs can go, no more no less, almost 90 but not 90.
Splits? Not so much, Average splits only. Kinda disappointed at this kit because it looks so good yet the articulation is so so only, moreover if you strain this kit for a nice pose too much, parts all apart like nobody's business (Only the limbs).

1 thing that got me loving this kit is the head.
Reason I said so is because they actually give a clear lens instead of sticker. Though it isn't really that visible, but it somewhat shines out sometimes. Down part of this head is that, after so many years of production on gunpla, they did justice for the RG Zaku's head which is the lens/mono eye would follow the head movement, but for this kit no chance whatsoever.
You would have to take the head apart and readjust the position of the lens yourself. Though to me it might be a bad thing but it's not really an issue as some people would like to adjust to their likings on where they want the mono eye to be.

There is another gimmick to this kit, Bandai has been doing this to most kit which is the shoulder section, there is an extension.
This is before the extension. (pic above).
This is after extension. If you don't know what it is for, it is action for the arm to extend further for more posing ability.

And so this is not an mg kit, you are given 2 different types of hands, like the HG model kits.
You are given a pair of punching hands and a pair of gripping hands.

And now for the moment your are waiting for~ Le weapons.
What makes this kit stand out, this 2 clear parts weapon in orange! Simple yet a stunning choice of weapon.

For equipping this weapon on the Efreet would be something like this:
Tadaaa~ simple trolololol.

And when I tried the equip the weapons on the Efreet, this happen:
hmmm =w=|||...........

Back to weapon posing.
Oh did I Mention he's got a rocket launcher? ;3

And...... when you are done with all the fiddling around and playing around with this kit~ Like momma say you have to keep all your toys back to it's original places.
The Efreet is given 2 slots behind his back to slow back its weapon.
Note: Review is based on my personal preference.